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About Ebadi BCT

Companies across the world today see significant potential of entering into Iranian market whether it is for outsourcing production or processes or to tap the potential of Iranian consumer and businesses. However, the unique socio-economic conditions, business practices and developmental status poses significant challenges to make a successful foray and tap this exciting opportunity.

EBCT through its experience and network assists these organizations to understand the Iranian market and address the socio-economic and cultural concerns effectively and efficiently.

We provide Strategic Advisory & Implementation Support Services to overseas organizations that seek to enter Iran

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We Are Ebadi BCT Consulting

Laili Ebadi / Management

PhD in business management with a focus on strategic management and university lecturer

Mohammad Golmimi

Master of Biophysics; expert in the field the marketing and branding.

Atefe Sharifirad

Ph.D. in Genetics; an expert in the field of scientific research and commercialization of research.

Hossein Toosi

Ph.D. in Bioinformatics; International Relations.

Soma Rahmani

PhD in strategic management with a focus on science and technology policy.

Ayda Mohajer

PhD in strategic management with a focus on science and technology policy.

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