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The Ebadi Business Consulting Team is led by Managing Director Leili Ebadi and supported by an efficient and dynamic team.

Companies across the world today see significant potential of entering into Iranian market whether it is for outsourcing production or processes or to tap the potential of Iranian consumer and businesses. However, the unique socio-economic conditions, business practices and developmental status poses significant challenges to make a successful foray and tap this exciting opportunity.

EBCT through its experience and network assists these organizations to understand the Iranian market and address the socio-economic and cultural concerns effectively and efficiently.

We provide Strategic Advisory & Implementation Support Services to overseas organizations that seek to enter Iran

Market Study – Market Entry Strategy

Understanding the market landscape is one of the most important prerequisites in strategic decision-making. More often than not, the key to competing and outperforming competitors lies in a better understanding of the key growth areas and market trends.

Developing a successful business strategy involves having a comprehensive understanding of the business, its market and its customers.

We integrate industry and strategy expertise with market research experience to assist our clients in identifying their market entry strategy.

Our experts have strong experience in designing winning market entry strategy by effectively capturing the needs and preferences of our clients’ customers. We can identify key parameters for a range of business strategy models, based on both survey and historical data.

How EBCT can help.

Rigorous market studies help to support market entry strategy development by providing valuable insights on:

  • Industry analysis – the present state and future prospects
  • Market segments, size and growth potential
  • Target market analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Customer segmentation analysis
  • Demand driver dynamics and their implications
  • Competitive landscape – customers, competitors, suppliers
  • Service and product differentiation
  • Selecting a new business model for market entry
  • Industry regulation and taxation
  • Development of detailed implementation plans based on selected options

We are 100% honest and transparent regarding our fees & charges. We openly quote our service fees. Our service charges are compatible & reasonable compared to others. There are no hidden charges in govt. fees.

EBCT strives to offer cost-effective market research solutions that matches your business needs and budget.

Market research services offered in Iran

  • Data gathering (customer , Competitor ,Market )
  • Data analysis
  • Verbatim analysis
  • Web survey analysis
  • Data monitoring, reporting and processing
  • Primary/ secondary market research
  • Quantitative/qualitative market research
  • Online research
  • Media research
  • Market research surveys

Market research and competitor analysisSetting-up a local companyIdentification of potential customers and creating contactsSearching for distribution channels and partners